The Buller Branch.

Welcome to the RASC & RCT Association Buller Branch.


We are here to provide access into the Association for those members of the RASC and RCT who are unable to join other branches due to location or other commitments.    We are solely based on line and have this site, a Facebook page and a Facebook group. The Facebook page and this web site are just for providing members with information about the Association and any upcoming events, the Facebook group is for general chat and for on line meetings which can be held from anywhere in the world.

We started in 2013 and we are working hard to make sure this is a success and can be used as a recruiting ground for the Association and it's many branches. We are not trying to take members from active branches and indeed hope to increase their membership through making more of the old RASC and RCT aware of local activity

We will function in the same way as any local branch including roles for members and a committee made up of our members duly elected each year.


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Links to our other sites
Last Parade
Photos of the Final Parade at Buller barracks before it was sold for development.

The name "BULLER" will live on in this branch of the RASC & RCT Association

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